International Dedicated Line
Xing Chuan International Dedicated Line is to build a physical dedicated line between Hong Kong and other regions (including China, Singapore, the Philippines, and Taiwan) to connect the Hong Kong data center with data centers, clouds, corporate branches, offices or colocation environments in other regions To achieve high-speed private network communication. This kind of private network communication can bypass the public network, and the communication between the two ends is as low as 5ms, and finally forms a more private, stable and high-speed network experience than Internet-based connections Safe and reliable end-to-end connection between Hong Kong and other regions Ideal for business applications, including file sharing, data backup, point-to-point VOIP and video conferencing Fully redundant, self-healing SDH optical network The shortest path and lowest delay between Hong Kong and other regions 7*24 hours intelligent monitoring and management through Xingchuan Network Operation Center

Advantages of International Dedicated Line IPLC

Private and safe

Communication data is stored and transmitted in the private network link, without the public network, private data will not be stolen

Ultra-low latency

End-to-end based on intranet optical fiber communication, no public network blockage, delay can be as low as 5ms

Stable and reliable

Using private network to transmit data can eliminate network instability caused by congestion or fault bypass in public network

High bandwidth

A single link supports up to 10Gbps and supports multiple links for load balancing

Sudden worry

Through dynamic bandwidth resource allocation, it is easy to meet the sudden surge of network peak demand

High availability disaster recovery

Dedicated line access equipment is deployed in a distributed cluster, and the entire link is 99.95% highly available

Flexible deployment

Dedicated lines can be deployed according to actual scenarios to realize multi-center data exchange and linkage

Flexible expansion

Support elastic expansion of bandwidth according to business changes, the expansion process does not affect the use

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