Philippines server rental

Philippines server rental

Choose the server package that suits you

We provide the most cost-effective solution for teams of different sizes.

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Philippines server

Philippines server

$ 185 Monthly
  • CPU 4核
  • RAM 16G
  • hard disk 1T SATA
  • 10M pure international bandwidth

Philippines server

$ 232 Monthly
  • CPU 12核
  • RAM 16G
  • hard disk 240G SSD
  • 10M pure international bandwidth

Starcom Advantage​

Go online quickly

Computer room management specifications

No filing required, use immediately

Operating performance

The computer room uses top server and network facilities

24-hour technical support hotline and professional and technical personnel monitoring system to ensure stable operation

Applicable groups

Philippine network for foreign trade companies

Data exchange applications, audio and video applications, as well as corporate expansion global business strategic plans

Good network connectivity

Located in the network hub of Southeast Asia, directly connected to many countries

It can meet the various needs of users and reach the target audience or users directly

7*24 hours online service

online service

Provide you with professional and personalized services anytime, anywhere
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