Taiwan server rental

Taiwan server rental

Choose the server package that suits you

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Taiwan server

Taiwan server

$ 154
  • CPU 4核
  • RAM 8G
  • hard disk 240G SSD
  • 10M pure international bandwidth

Taiwan server

$ 232 Monthly
  • CPU 12核
  • RAM 8G
  • hard disk 240G SSD
  • 10M pure international bandwidth

Starcom Advantage

Stable network architecture

Taiwan server supports distributed architecture and network load balancing

With a high-speed network to ensure that website users open the page in seconds

High quality line

Taiwan server room is connected to China Telecom line

Good network stability, good bandwidth optimization, low latency

Cost savings

Taiwan server uses international bandwidth, export volume is large, and the price is low

Ensure to provide customers with stable and secure access, and have sufficient bandwidth

Geographical advantages

Access to the Asia-Pacific region is fast

Suitable for companies that conduct cross-regional trade in Asia (especially Southeast Asia/East Asia)

7*24 hours online service

online service

Provide you with professional and personalized services anytime, anywhere
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